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Birthdate:Sep 24
Location:United States of America
Um... I don't really like to talk about myself much, so... um.... I won't. ^^;

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.hack, alexander pope, alias, ancient civilizations, ancient history, archeology, architecture, arias, art, audrey hepburn, bach, bass guitar, batman, bayern munich, beethoven, being pretentious, beth orton, biblical prophecy, bjork, brak, british comedy, canada, cary grant, catharsis, chrono cross, chrono trigger, classical music, clever song lyrics, cold weather, comics, composing music, computers, cooking, count of monte cristo, creating things, dallas stars, daria, dean martin, deep thoughts, doing research, dragons, drawing, dreams, earthsong, eating, edgar allen poe, europe, fahrenheit 451, final fantasy, fiona apple, food of any kind, football, foreign films, frank sinatra, gackt, garbage, gene kelley, gormenghast, guitar, hockey,, html, humor, humphrey bogart, indie music, jehovah, jehovah's witnesses, johnette napolitano, jpop, katherine hepburn, kingdom of loathing, kt tunstall, languages, lauren bacall, legend of zelda, logic, macbeth, making people laugh, manchester united, marx brothers, mechanical things, midlake, moby dick, montreal canadiens, muse, music, musicals, mysteries, mythology, nobuo uematsu, office supplies, old movies, opera, other cultures, pachelbel, painting, piano, pirate ninjas, pittsburgh penguins, playing musical instruments, podcasts, portishead, powerpuff girls, programming, psychology, radiohead, rain, rainer maria, randomness, rbc, reading, relief work, richard swift, romanticism, rpgs, sammy davis jr, sarcasm, scarves, semantics, shakespeare, shiny objects, singing, sleeping, snark, snow, soccer, solitude, soundtracks, spider-man, sports, squaresoft, sushi, tchaikovsky, tea, the beatles, the bible, the devil's trill, the rat pack, thinking, traveling, truth, video games, volunteer work, wackiness, webcomics, wolves, writing, xenosaga, yasunori mitsuda, yo-yo ma
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